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Title: Crime -Alcoholism Linkage : A Study Of A Village In West Bengal
Authors: Mitra, Jayanta
Keywords: School of Social Sciences
Singh, D.R.
Issue Date: 1989
Abstract: OBJECTIVES i) To study the nature and extent of the problem of alcoholism; ii) To know the impact of alcoholism on the alco¬holic himself, alcoholics family and economic conditions; iii) To examine the crime related activities of the alcoholics. SCOPE OF STUDY The study was done in an interior village in the district of twenty four parganas in West Bengal. Data have been collected over a period of one and half months. Total time period covered for literature re¬view, preparing schedule, data collection, analysis and interpretation was fifteen months (December 1987- February,1989). KEY CONCEPTS (As used in this study): ALCOHOLIC Anyone who becomes dependent on alcohol is considered to be an alcoholic. CRIME An act which is usually not accepted by our society e.g. illegal use of alcohol, illicit distil-lation, petty theft etc. It also includes the nature of contact a person has with antisocials, public drunkenness and mis¬behaviour with one's spouse e.g. quarrel fight or beating. ANTI-SOCIAL A person who is engaged in illegal practices and achieve his goal through means which are usually not accepted by the society and not legal in the eyes of law. VILLAGE ELITE A villager who holds a respectable position in the village by virtue of his education, occupation, income and to whom people submit, with whom they share their problems and seek for help.
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