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Title: Inter-religious Marriages
Authors: Narayan, Anjana
Keywords: School of Social Sciences
Nishi Mitra
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: The principle of endogamy remains an issue of importance or concern to many sub cultural groups. Farber (1964) argues , that mate choice is a major factor by which families regulate change and stability across generations. Similarly, religious groups tend to require or encourage endogamy. According to Dr. Usha Bambawale (1981), a study on inter- religious marriages will help to examine the impact of religion on the changing structural features of marriage and family in modern times, and on the other hand, it will consider how these two affect the manifestation and continuity of some vital aspects of religion today. However, few social scientists have looked into this question.Past studies have primarily dealt with various aspects of caste for analyzing the changing Indian conditions. This research explores the phenomenon of inter- religious marriages.
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