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Title: Study Of social Economic Condion Of The (Fishermen) Community Of Village In Cochin , NARAKKAL
Authors: Mampilli, Cherian J.
Keywords: School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1942
Abstract: This study is about the social and economic life of the Araga (Fishermen) Community in the Village of Narrakkal in Cochin. The Arayas occuppy the coast line regions and refuse to go to the interior due to, the nature of their work with low economic and social condition. Considerable difficulties were encountered owing to their timidity, fear of increased taxation due to the proposed scheme of the government to create Earakkal a muncipality, lack of literature on their economic life in particular, the suspicion they evinced in answering questions relating to their private life and lack of organization within the community? The unorganized state of industry, the lack of technical knowledge on the part of educated man and the peculiar nature of the industry took considerable time to understand the real situation. The statement of one person influenced the bystandee in such a way that the other in turn began to repeat the same figures, however varied the conditions were.
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