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Title: The Social Support Of National Union Of Seafarers Of India (NUSI) For Seafarers And The Seafarers’ Social Life
Authors: Kamei, Richard
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2010
Series/Report no.: 208
Abstract: The study is entitled “the Social Support of National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) for seafarers and the seafarers’ social life.” It is centered around the trade union perspective about seafarers’ interests and rights; and on the seafarers’ social life. The significance and the importance of this study are to look into the concerns of the lack of social security for the seafarers and understand the grievances of seafarers faced during their employment at ship. All these issues and its solution lies largely in the hands of the trade union where the role of trade union can carry out negotiation or other processes through collective bargaining with the shipping companies for the interests of the seafarers. The seafarers’ have to face several hardships including isolation from active social life as they have to stay on ship for many months or sometimes even a year. The study will look into how seafarers’ social lives get affected by their employment and their strategies to cope up and deal with this social estrangement. The study is based on primary data collected through social anthropological methods such as interactions, interviews and observations; and also on secondary data such as articles, journals, library sources etc. The finding of the study is done through survey focussing on seafarers’ social life and the trade union-NUSI activities. Sahdev for their exuberant support and motivation which emboldenmy confidence and other technical help in getting my dissertation done. Last but not the least, I will always treasure the love, support and care from my parents, siblings and for standing by my side all through my life and to this period during my dissertation. Also thanks to seafarers I met at NUSI and to those people whose names if I have missed out.
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