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Title: Interface between a Dream and a Reality of Development: a study of the Tiwa Autonomous Council
Authors: Baruah, Debangana
Keywords: School of Social Work
Sonowal, C.J.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: This dissertation is an ethnography study and highlights some of the issues that impede the development of the Tiwa people.The findings are largely based on observations of the Tiwa societies and the Tiwa Autonomous Council in the Morigaon District of Assam. The research discusses the history of displacement of the Tiwa tribe and their motivation for establishing an Autonomous Council of their own. It looks at the problems and limitations of this Autonomous Council, and suggests ways in which small scale development programmes can be introduced to these deprived societies. The research examines the fractures within the Tiwa tribe, namely between the Tiwa plains and Tiwa (Lalung) Hill tribes, and its causes such as the increasing hybridization through marriage and assimilation and politics of self determination. The research also critiques the bias within the existing Tiwa Autonomous Council, majority of whose members are from the Tiwa plains, towards the Lalung Hill tribes. The research discusses the limitations of overlapping governing bodies such as the Panchayati Raj Institute and the Tiwa Autonomous Council, as such a system creates apathy and confusion diverting the real concerns of the Tiwa people. Finally, the research indicates that despite the Memorandum of Understanding between the Assam government and the Tiwa Autonomous Council, little has been done to reach out to the Tiwas leaving on the margins of their own native lands. The dissertation presents an exhaustive list of issues that impede on the development of these people and finds that for most Tiwas, development and economic growth is and will remain a distant dream if the state of affairs are not actively questioned.
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