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Title: Do 24/7 water supply scheme lead to equitable Distribution of water supply? An Analysis of Dharampeth Water Supply Zone in Nagpur city of Maharashtra
Authors: Gedam, Swapnil
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Pranjal Deekshit
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Few decades ago the history of privatization in the water sector was so horrible in the Latin America and Africa which brought the great lesson of “Water wars” which is shocking as well as learning for all of us. On the same lines of African and American Nation, India is moving ahead with the greater privatization in the water sector and it got the bitter protest from all the corner of the country. In 2008 Dharampeth zone of Nagpur had been chosen for 24/7 under the public Private Partnership (PPP). It is always in the larger debate; Equity and Efficiency are the major concern for the PPP which attracted the attention. PPP focuses on maintaining the efficiency rather than equity because they are highly profit making agencies which led to the questioning of the larger benefit of the poor people. In this context the assessment of PPP in Nagpur is in the light of Equity which becomes very important for the future development of country. Therefore, researcheris trying to comprehend the Equity issues in terms of water distribution system.
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