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Title: Under Shadows and Covered In Dust: Case Studies of Socio-Spatial Transformation Brought By the Chennai Metro Rail
Authors: Parthasarathy, Shruthi
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Himanshu Burte
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This research is a study that adds to previous work done on socio-spatial transformations in the city. It looks at the impact of a large infrastructural project such as the Metro and the changes that are subsequently caused by it. Often in the case of such large projects the impact of the presence of a constructed and functioning infrastructure is studied or an analysis is made as to what impact such a project could have on the city. My focus would be on the now of the project, of documenting this particular moment of the project, midway, where I can study the impact of the construction of such a project on the city and its inhabitants. This has been coined as socio-spatial transformation which makes an effort to connect these transformations as a narrative that captures changes happening both at the city level and the level of the nation. The study will try to place the findings within the larger theoretical framework of glottalization and infrastructural changes in cities.
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