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Title: Influence of Ambedkar's Movement on Contemporary Dalit Women Writers in Maharashtra
Authors: Kurhade, Chhaya S.
Keywords: School of Social Work
Shaileshkumar Darokar
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: This present study is attempted to understand the influence of Ambedkarite movement on contemporary Dalit women writers in Maharashtra (Mumbai). Maharashtra is Land of social reformers, challenge the brahminical hegemony. The study is focusing on significant historical events and the participation of Dalit women in Maharashtra. This study is carried out to understand the historical background of Dalit women participation in towards their identity. It also specifically notes the influence of Ambedkar ideology in their writings and personal life. This study addressing question that where women they get inspiration for this writings. This study is also concentrating on how Dalit women writings are reflecting Ambedkar thought and carry out the legacy of Ambedkar thought through their writing
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