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Title: Aids related knowledge and attitudes towards rights of hiv positive people among health care givers in a hospital setting
Authors: Bhende, Amrita
Keywords: Shalini Bharat
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: Rationale for the Study Protection of human rights will lessen the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS on those who are affected and also serve to empower individuals and communities to respond effectively to AIDS. Unfortunately, fear and ignorance leads to extreme cases of violations of human rights and discrimination, of which the health care setting is the most conspicuous. Taking this into consideration, there is a need to examine the underlying attitudes, risk perceptions and knowledge levels, which relate to HIV/AIDS among health care givers before ensuring care and treatment of positive patients in hospitals. The main objectives of the study are :- (i) To assess the levels of awareness and knowledge, including risk perceptions that health care providers in the medical sector have regarding HIV / AIDS. (ii) To examine the attitudes and perceptions of health care givers towards issues related to the rights of positive people in areas of marriage, confidentiality, work and other related areas. (iii) Draw implications for intervention for HIV/AIDS care and discrimination in the health care sector. Recommendations: -Use of universal precautions during health care giving Human rights perspective to be incorporated into the health care sector. -Spread of legal education and awareness of rights is necessary. -Regular workshops need to be held for all categories of staff. Over all a more proactive manner is needed to address the root causes of discrimination which stem from lack of knowledge, misconceptions, risk perception for casual contact towards positive people and discriminatory attitudes. Thus we can hope to make the health providers more aware and educated about HIV/AIDS and less fearful and less judgemental towards people with HIV/AIDS
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