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Title: Attitude of parsi men towards their dwindling population
Authors: Bharucha, Binaifer Burjor
Keywords: Murli Desai
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1942
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: The study decline in the fertility trend of Parsis due to various factors has been a major cause for concern of several researchers. This research project endeavours to study the problem from the social work perspective. The objectives of the study is to compare the attitude of young Parsi men with their fathers towards their dwindling population. To conclude, one finds no change between the generations in their preference for late age of marriage. Also no change is found in their non-acceptance of inter-married Pars is and their children into the community. However, the youth were more liberal than fathers in accepting adopted non-Parsi children within the religious fold. Lastly, with more youth than rather fertility decline may be expected. In the remedial approach, to the problem more fathers adopted the charity approach and suggested housing while more youth adopted the self help and community participation approach.
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