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Title: Study of unwed mothers in the light of the medical termination of pregnancy act
Authors: Bhalerao, Deepa B
Keywords: Asha J. Rane
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1942
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: The Study of "UNWED MOTHERS IN THE LIGHT OF THE IMPACT" was carried out with the following objectives: 1)To examine the personal characteristics and the family background of the unwed mother. 2)To study the perception of the respondents towards their own state of unwed motherhood. 3) To assess the level of sex knowledge of the respondents. 4) To find out the level of awareness of the respondents about the legalisation of abortion and the available resources for abortion and 5) To know the future plans of the respondents with regards to their child. 6) The study was carried out in government and private hospitals and residential institutions in the cities of Bombay, Nagpur and Pune. Conclusions: One may conclude that transcending the moral aspect of the phenomenon is not a very easy job. The medical termination of pregnancy cannot be solution to the plight of unwed mothers. Social control has its own positive attributes. However, it is necessary for the society to recognise the need for education - formal as well as sex education as also otherwise a more definite attitude towards the unwed mother saving her from being classified as a delinquent or a fallen woman.
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