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Title: Employment study of the physically handicapped in bombay city
Authors: Bhuyar, V. G.
Keywords: Desai, K.G.
School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 1965
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: Objectives of Study:- a) To study the effectivity of the placement programme by the Special Employment Exchange for the Physically Handicapped. b) To study the worth of the physically handicapped as employees to their respective employer in contrast to their able-bodied colleagues. c) To know the attitudes of the employers towards such employees in respect of productivity, efficiency, adjustability etc. d) To provide a fruitful channel of research in this so far untrodden area. Scope of study-Our study covers those persons who have been placed in Bombay City on the whole. Summary of Findings of study- A) The orthopaedically Handicapped:-i) Fifty-four persons became handicapped due to diseases like Polio, Paralysis etc. ii) Seventy -eight persons are from outside Bombay. iii) Sixty-seven persons suffer from the handicap of lower extremities. iv) Majority of the persons have no difficulties in daily life. v) Almost all have a healthy attitude towards their own handicap. vi) With a few exceptions, all are having good relations with their supervisor and colleagues. vii) The largest difficulty in the way of employment orthopaedically handicapped persons is that there are no suitable jobs. B. The Blinds= (Total 21 ): 1) Seven persons have some vocational training. 2) Eleven persons are from outside Maharashtra. 3) All persons have stressed the role of 'luck' when mentioning their attitude towards their handicap. 4) Seven persons express the need for escort for coming to work place and going home again. 5) Institutions for the handicapped are an important source of information about the Special Employment Exchange ( 9 Blinds got information in this manner.) 6) The largest difficulty in the way of employment of Blind persons is that they need more protection and that there are no suitable jobs.
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