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Title: A survey of iondiess agricultural laboure in a boran village
Authors: Bhavo, J V
Keywords: School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1942
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: Berar was confronted with a break in the monsoon, so prolonged that severe failure of all ,crops began to be visualized. The agricultural labour became so impoverished for lack of occupation that Government had to take the unprecedented step of opening relief works. The restlessness of the labourers expressed itself in looking bazars in many places throughout the province. In Talegaon a village 3 miles from Shendurjana labourers assembled before the houses of big landlords and offered Satyagraha. They demanded employment in their fields, and requested the landlords, to start repair works in their fields. Three villages around Shendurjana took up road construction which was financed out of funds collected to give employment to these ,starving labourers. The situation was still worse in Shendurjana. There were no big landlords to provide sufficient work for the labourers. The Servants of India Society tried to help them to a certain extent cooperation with few landholders of the village. Yet the help was quite insufficient and some labourers had to go to quarries opened by the Government. Here too, conditions were far from satisfactory. The wage rates were too low, housing was inadequate and proper medical attention was not provided for. This short thesis with a view to bring the condition of the poorest strata of Indian agricultural society to lime light. The problem of landless agricultural labourers has been neglected uptill now. Hope some eminent economists and sociologists will put their Case before the public and try to find out solution for their many fold problems.
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