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Title: Study of socio economic conditions of tea- labourers in assam
Authors: Kumar, Durgesh
Keywords: Sasmita Palo
School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: Tea plantation in India has emerged as the highest private player in terms of employment which feeds more than a million souls, originally started with the colonial lines, the Tea industry of India is been redefined over the years. Assam which gives more than fifty percent of the overall output of tea in India, is been nourished and sustained by the huge battery of migrated labour force from Chota-Nagpur Plateau who shifted their lives to adjust to the climate and tough tea garden demands over the decades. Now, the century old tea gardens in Assam and its Tea Tribe labour force is striving hard to survive in the tough globalised market needs. The stubborn colonial management attitude and still following of the traditional way gardening has made survival tougher for the Tea Industry in Assam. The alarm bells have gone for the Tea market in India and the only our flexible response to this tougher challenge would determine the existence of the tea industry in Assam and more importantly attached and completely dependent Tea Tribes of Assam Tea gardens. The present research aims at understanding these concerns only, where trying to build up an overview of the Globalised tea market and then focusing on the position of the contemporary tea labour, further narrowing it down on the Assam Tea Labour. After the completion of long centurion migration into the foreign lands of Assam, in what conditions the originally Chota-Nagpur tribes are leading their lives on the Assam tea gardens. Also, the conflict situation between labour and management and ethnic clashes with local Assamese has been touched upon and their impact on Tea Labourers' lives. And also understood are the changes the tea gardens of Assam are going through to fit into the new market.
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