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Title: Human resource outsourcing concepts and trends
Authors: Khanna, Gaurav
Keywords: Srivastava, D.K.
School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: Quite clearly outsourcing as an option in managing business has been getting a lot of attention the world over. This study, in the backdrop of emerging realities, aims at collating the literature floating in this field to build a theoretical and conceptual framework in which HR outsourcing can be studied. It examines several factors that drive an outsourcing decision; analyses the benefits and problems associated with the practice of HR outsourcing, and studies the client-vendor dynamics in an outsourcing arrangement. The study also maps various permutations and combinations being experimented in the field of HR outsourcing and the emerging trends in the field. In doing so, this study seeks to provide relevant points of discussions of crucial issues involved in HR outsourcing. Along with the aspects of cost efficiencies and focus on 'core', the outcomes of the study show the moderating impact that certain organisational characteristics (strategy, culture policies and so on) have on an outsourcing decision. Benefits appear to range from immediate cost saving and superior standards of service to better allocation of resources and long-term synergetic partnerships. Operational aspects of outsourcing (transition of processes, data transfer, implementation and so on) are considered to be prime concerns in an outsourcing arrangement. The client-vendor relationships is still in an evolving process, and differ from organisation to organisation based on the defined standards and desired levels of outcomes. While outsourcing is contingent on various parameters, what needs to be acknowledged is the fact that outsourcing in general, and HR outsourcing in particular, has arrived and it is occupying Significant amount of management time. With very little available literature and formal study in this field, this effort is an exploration towards finding answers to the efficacy and relevance of outsourcing in today's ever dynamic and competitive business environment.
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