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Title: Translating strategies into action: implementation strategies of the balanced scorecard
Authors: Moitra, Rajarshi M
Keywords: Srivastava, D.K.
School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: The study attempts to find out the factors that affect the implementation of the balanced scorecard in organisations and how organisations deal with these factors. The study ventures into how organisations formulate links between their business strategy and day-to-day activities. The study uses the case study research methodology. A comprehensive study of three companies has been conducted. These three companies are from different sectors and are using the balanced scorecard. The ultimate aim of the study is to suggest a step-by-step procedure for the designing and implementation of the balanced scorecard in organisations. The study analyses the factors such as communication, culture, and other systems in the organisation that affect the implementation of the scorecard. In the end, a brief explains how organisations handle these factors and things they need to do to become more effective in the implementation of the balanced scorecard.
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