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Title: Impact of structural adjustment programme on urban poor women
Authors: Mundkur, Aarti
Keywords: Janaki Andharia
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: The main focus of the project is the quality of life of the rag pickers, with the understanding that they live and work in conditions of severe deprivation and poverty. Also, built in to this is the assumption that nobody takes to a 'profession' like rag picking unless they are compelled to do so. Hence, the idea that larger macro economic processes will have a significant impact on livelihood opportunities and choices. The broad objective of the paper is to explore the impact of SAPs on urban poor women with specific reference to the rag picking women on Deonar dumping ground. The specific objectives are-• To contextualise the work of rag pickers in the unorganised sector. To study the quality of life of rag pickers. To draw linkages between quality of life and SAPs. To assess what the above means to their lives given the current economic situation. The methodology used in this research combines consists of the tools of in-depth interviewing and group discussions. The techniques of sampling are purposive and snowball. Data has also been collected from the Ward Office and ration shops. The major findings of the research are as follows: shrinking employment opportunities for poor women. Growing food insecurity among rag picking women. Greater difficulty in accessing public health services. Stagnant or declining real incomes. Conclusion: The need to beef up 'safety nets' for the urban poor in general, and for deprived sections like rag picking women in particular. The need for a multi pronged approach to deal with poverty, especially in the globalised context. Re-looking at the agenda and implementation of SAPs.
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