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Title: Study on retiring employees
Authors: Krishnamoorthy, Rema
Keywords: Desai, K.G.
School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: This is an exploratory study. Objectives The study is aimed at examining the effects of retirement on the retiring employees in the following areas: (i) the health of the retiring individuals (ii) their financial position (iii) their perceptions about family relationship after retirement (iv) their peer relationships at present and after retirement. Findings The respondents were in the age group between 54 and 58 years. As regards family composition, majori~y of the respondents were found to have 3 members in the family excluding the respondent. The major ailments suffered from by the respondents were pain in jOints, Blood pressure and asthma. There was no significant increase, however, in the medical expenses of majority of respondents. The financial position of the respondents on the whole was quite satisfactory. It was found that a large number of respondents had not planned for their post- 'retirement expenses. As regards the family relationship a few respondents perceived a change in relationship after retirement. No significant relationship was found between the respondents' per capita income and their perceptions of family relationships. The peer relationship as perceived by the respondents was on the whole good and cordial.
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