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Title: Jain adolescents image of ghosts
Authors: Mehta, Nalini M
Keywords: Banerjee, G.R.
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1969
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: The aim of the study was also the submission of a project report which is required for M.A. Degree in Social Work of the Tata Institute of Social SCiences, for which the writer was a candidate. The general findings are : No respondent has seen a ghost but everyone has either heard or read about it. Boys, whether believed in ghost or not were more interested in talking about it than girls. : Majority have described a ghost as a frightening creature on the whole. Majority of them have also said that a ghost can change its form anytime. It has been revealed that most of the ghosts in human fo I'm have a language. It has been found that some of the ghosts eat flesh and others eat any food but many ghosts drink blood. The idea of drinking blood was conveyed by stating that as a person gets affected by a ghost it starts sucking the affected person's blood and thus carries him towards death. The general image has been that ghosts are malevolent though exceptions are always there. Ghosts' habitat is trees, air, cremation grounds, graveyard and the ruins. The striking factor in ghosts' locomotion seems that a ghost flies though it has no wings. This shows that'it has some power by Which it can do whatever it likes. Darkness and night are associated with the time of appearance.
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