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Title: Jagoran:A study of the process of empowerment of women
Authors: Fernandez, Bina
Keywords: Padma Velaskar
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: the ideology of the organization b) the methods of implementing the ideology -i.e the strategies of initial contact, the mobilization and training of women to form. mahila mandaI; and the plans to sustain the autonomy of the mandaI. the nature of the mahila mandaI with respect to the group composition (caste, class, religious and ethnic differences between member), the training inputs received, and the history of the group. b) the functioning of the mahila mandai with respect to the group dynamics, communication patterns, conflict resolution strategies, and the levels of democratization. In the NGO studied, the strategies of the empowerment process, has been through awareness building in the following stages: the mobilization of individual women, the training of , these women; these women mobilize other women in the community to form mahila mandl is with the NGO's support. The organizations are , then graded process a of taking up issues by the NGO worker. The next phase in the process is to create autonomous, democratic orgarlizations.Training results in increased level of awareness among the women about various issues - housing~ their civic rights~ women's issues and community organizing. After training, the role played by these women has the positive impact of facilitating the group process.
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