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Title: Study on Panchayat Members and their Role in Rural Development
Authors: Singh, Kumar Pankaj
Keywords: Anil Sutar
R.M. Reports
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Science
Abstract: Basically, the Pancahyat Raj Institution is meant for rural development. It is note worthy to mention that Balwant Rai Mehta committee was appointed to evaluate the success of Community Development Programme launched in 1952. This committee pointed out that the lack of people's participation was the main cause for the failure of rural development programme and recommended the setting up of pancahyat Raj Institutions in order to secure the peoples participation in implementation of development programmes. To know the socio-economic background of the panchayat members. 2. To know the panchayat members perception of rural development. 3. To know the level of participation of panchayat members in village development. Most of the members are from meddle socio-economies background. 2. Most of the members are from low echo-economic background have high level of participation, while members are from high socio-economic background have very low level of participation. 3. Most of the members are from low socio- economic background have high level of perception while members from high socio-economic background have come what low level of perception than others.
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