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Title: Adolescent's Perception about the Relationship with their Parents
Authors: Prabhakar, Pranita P.
Keywords: Gowri, V.
R.M. Reports
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Science
Abstract: "Adolescents' Perception about the Relationship with their Parents"-A Study of Elder Children from the Middle Class Families in Mumbai 'This study covers the dolescents who are either first or only children falling in the age group of 15 to 17 years. Their relationship is studied in three dimensions i.e. Cordial---Non cordial, Dominating--Submissive and Overprotective-Indifferent with the parents. The study throws light on the intra - spouse relationship, which is a base for the establishment of adolescents' relationship with their parents. The childhood socialization also has its effect on the present parent child relationship. The parent child relationship also has its effect on peer group socialization in school and colleges. Parents treating their children's friends. The degree of adolescent's participation in household work and family decision-making areas. Theses factors also depend on the family type i.e. nuclear or join t and the protection given by heir parent in early childhood and its continuation till date. This information was collected by the researcher through survey method and the techniques or tools used to collect the data was interview. The following research questions were answered in this study. Research Questions:-1) how the childhood socialization affects the present parent-child Relationship? And 2)How the intra-spouse difference in terms of education and their investment In child affects the parent-child relationship?
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