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Title: Parental Perception of Child Sexual Abuse
Authors: D'Souza, Pierina
Keywords: Singh D P
R.M. Reports
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Science
Abstract: Studies .in the field of child sexual abuse (c.s.a.) reveal that the definition of sexual abuse of children varies fro III one culture to another and within cultures these definitions have been modified from time to time. Despite this variation, all social groups have rules governing the sexual contact between adults and children. Rules that, down the years, have undergone numerous modifications and additions in order to include an increasing number of sexual practices that are considered harmful and detrimental to the growth and development of a child. The existing studies on c.s.a. in our country clearly reveal the alarming presence of this social evil that cuts across barriers of class, region and religion. The high rate of incidence, the different abusers, the innocent traumatized victims and the devastating impact the abuse has on their lives. While majority of the studies pertain to incidence of c.s.a. only a few concentrate on intervention and prevention of abuse. There is a basic need to create an informed and comprehensive awareness of child sexual abuse amongst all individuals who look after the welfare of a child and are even remotely connected with his growth and development of equal importance is the need to empower the children with skills and knowledge to protect themselves. The data collected was then analyses using simple frequencies and cross tabulations using the SPSS package. Since the sample size was small (N=40) and the data was largely of he nominal and ordinal level, it close not lend itself for higher level statistical tests. The respondents had very limited knowledge of persons/organisations to contact for help or advice regarding child sexual abuse. Only two parents, both in the field of social work knew about the CHILDLlNE (1098), while another 4 had heard of organizations that deal with child sexual abuse, but were not aware of names or contact persons. 14 women, most of whom were members of a mahila mandal (women's group) said that they would approach a social worker for help . •
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