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Title: Kherwadi a survey
Authors: Banymandhub, C K
Padmnabha, A
Pradhan, U R
Matani, Pushpa
Keywords: Punekar, S.D.
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1963
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: The first socio-economic survey of Kherwadi was conducted by th eresearch students of the Tata Institute of Social Science s in the year 1956. After a gap of about 6 years th resurvey of the same was undertaken with a view to study the socio-economic conditions prevailing in Kherwadi; and to study am indicate the changes that might have taken place in this aspect. In accordance with our objective to bring out these changes, relevant data were collected on the following points: Migration, Demographic characteristics, Income and occupation pattern, The prevailing housing facilities, Health and sanitation , Finally the extent of the voluntary co-operation of the inhabitants in the activities of the locality. There has been considerable change in the socio-economic conditions of the people. The population has in-creased by 300% and the number of families from 635 to 2273, that is due to heavy migration of landlords for the purpose of carrying on business So also it is due to the inflow of the tenants who are in the need of houses. As the trade in tanning of landlords is carried out there, the place has become dump and it is in turn affecting the sanitation of the place. Majority of the landlords are tanners and few are mill-workers and business men. The average income of the landlord family is Rs. 168/-per month and that of tenant family is Rs. 147/-per month. The average size of the land- lord family is 6.9 and that of tenant family is 4.2 . As regards the social activities of tie community it c an be said that the pe ople are indifferent towards them. The Parishramalaya and other social-work agencies were started with a view to improve the economic conditions of the people, but due to the partial non cooperation an d indifference of the local people it had to close down some of its activities.
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