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Title: Knowledge Attitude And Practices Of The Communities Towards Leprosy And Its Victims
Authors: Velayudham, Palani K
Keywords: Sharma, J.C.
R.M. Reports
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Science
Abstract: It is a descriptive comparative study of knowledge, attitude and practices of community members towards leprosy victims in two areas namely Wardha and Arvi leprosy and Thasils in Wardha district of Maharashtra State . Stratified random sampling method was used for the selection of the respondents. Structured interview schedule was used to collect relevant information from the respondents. It is observed that a large majority of respondents are having better level of knowledge about scientific facts of leprosy in terms of proper treatment and control 88% in Wardha and 74% in Arvi), curability of the disease (94% in Wardha and 100% in Arvi, early signs and symptoms of eprosy (98% in Wardha and 74% in Wardha and communities Arvi ), causation and mode of transmission (56% in 68% in Arvi) . However-, it is found that both the in Wardha and Arvi have almost the same level of knowledge about leprosy . It is significant to note that. in general • there exists positive and significant relationship between exposure to health education activities and knowledge of the community. Similarly, such positive significant relationship is also found between the level of knowledge and the level of posi­tive attitude and between the level of positive attitude and the level of favourable practices. The results of this study confirm the popular belief that higher level of knowledge of the community about leprosy concomitantly results "in promoting the positive attitude and favourable practices of the community towards leprosy and leprosy patients.
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