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Title: A dissertation on the study of 75 boys formerly working in the docks : now in certified schools
Authors: Bhagwat, S N
Keywords: School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1948
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: It had always been a point of my interest as to how the young children could get an easy employment in Bombay. Most of the delinquent children' given to me for enquiry into their homes and other environmental and hereditary conditions told me during interviews that they worked in Docks and earned. their living. Two years ago, I proposed the juvenile delinquency from the Docks. Seventy-five children committed to the David Sassoon Industrial School and The Children's Home, Chembur, who had prior to their commitment ,been working in the Docks, were selected. I interviewed them at the above institutions and collected the data for my work. I visited Docks on several occasions and watched the children working there. I gathered information about the ships, the cargo, the labour and the administration of the Docks. In collecting this data, I was helped by the officials of the Bombay Port Trust and the other shipping companies. The authorities of the Certified Schools, the Remand Home and the After-Care Associations rendered me valuable help and guidance.
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