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Title: Nine papers
Authors: Kashyap, Lina
Keywords: Mandakini Khandekar
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1982
Publisher: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: The first five years is the most crucial phase in a child's life. On the one hand, his dependency on his environment is greatest during this period and he is very vulnerable physically and mentally. On the other hand, this period is the golden age for learning because during these years the child is acquiring mechanical, intellectual and linguistic skills as wall as learning emotional and social adjustmant. Consequently the type of care the child receives from his parents who form the immediate environment during these formative years affects his overall development and adjustment as patterns of behavior formed during these years may be modififed by experiences in later years but can never be completaly changed. The main focus of the paper is to idantify the areas of care arising within the family setting during these formative years. HOwever, as these areas of sare are very much tied up with the child's developmental needs and readiness to understand, learn and master new skills, the paper has first briefly traced the physical, motor, intellectual, emotional and social develoPment of the child under five in the three stages of infancy, toddlerhood, and pre-school staga. Tha significant areas of care emerging at these three developmental stagea baaed on the child's developmental needs and readiness have then baen discussed.
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