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Title: Performance appraisal towards an objecyive approach
Authors: Vasudevan, P N
Keywords: School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: Performance appraisal is part of a formal systematic technique under which an employee IS performance is judged against some set of measurement standards. The purpose of performance appraisal is to enable the employee where he stands with the management. It helps the management for formulating personnel policies and taking appropriate decisions regarding promotion, training, wage and salary administration, transfer etc. , In order to' make an objective performance appraisal about an employee, the supervisor must overcome certain limitations such as personal bias, and halo effect. He should have clear understanding about the standards against which employees will be rated. An appropriate appraisal form should be developed for evaluating the performance of employees. The important merit rating systems"are rating scales, rank order system, paired comparison system, forced distribution system, weighted check list, forced check list and critical incident technique.
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