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Title: Living Conditions Of Women Textile Workers In Bombay
Authors: Kulkarni, Leela
Keywords: School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1942
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: For long it was my cherished desire to study the conditions of women workers in factories and mills. This urge mainly compelled me to join the Tata Scbool of Social Dork. Therefore I undertook a study which relates only to women who go to work in textile mills and cover all the mill areas in Bombay. There was no conscious selection. of women residing in private owners chawls, B.D.D.Chawls, J Uunicipal Chawls and Employers Chawls ave been visited. The actual investigation was conducted on interview and questionnaire method. within a very limited time of a year at the disposal of students to collect data and other material and then to tabulate and write a thesis was a strain and a difficulty too. So I had to limit my research to a considerably smaller number than I desired. Besides. the disturbed conditions in the city due to communal riots during my research made it physically impossible for me to interview a lar­ger number or women than of I actually did; for, my research is based not on factory conditions but on living conditions. Therefore I had to pay room to room visit at their homes.
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