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Title: Nine Papers
Authors: Chakraborty, Sujata
Keywords: Ratna Naik
School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
Abstract: The paper defines the term 'status' and discusses the status of women in the Indian context. The paper critically analyses the position of women in Indian scriptures starting with the Vedas. There was a change in the status of women with the establishment of the British Rule. The social reformers during that time also helped in enhancing the status of women. The paper also focuses on the change in women's position and status in pre and post independence period of Indian society. The concept of empowerment has gained a lot of importance in development. Since women are generally accepted as being the most disempowered members of the oppressed classes, the term women's empowerment has come to be associated with women's struggle for social justice and equality. The paper looks into the definition of empowerment and the theories associated with it. But before this concept of empowerment was coined, the debate was on the position of women, the problems and issues related to them vis-a-vis society. With the advent of time women have responded to their own problems and have adopted strategies to overcome their problems. The paper further discusses the various types of women's movement and the changes it has made in the status of women. Women entrepreneurs in India represent a group of women who have broken away from the beaten track and are exploring new vistas of economic participation. They have long stories of trials and hardships. Their task has been full of challenges. This paper deals with the development of women as entrepreneurs. The paper also discusses the role of the small-scale sector in fostering entrepreneurship development among women.
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