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Title: Gender Education And The Socialisation process:A Study Of Educational And Occupational Orientation Among College Students Orissa
Authors: Paltasingh, Tattwamasi
Keywords: Lakshmi Lingam
School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Tata Institute Of Social Science
Abstract: Socialisation is the process through which individuals locate themselves in society through various agencies, such as family, peer- group and educational institution. In the most general sense, the process through which individuals acquire the social knowledge and skill is necessary to enable them to interact with others. Two important components emerge out of this statement. The first component seems to suggest that the socialisation is about the acquisition of necessary skills to cope with social life. Here the implication is that", even though the child is born. "socially incompetent", he or she is fundamentally active, not passive in his/her dealings with other people. This view underpins the permissive emphasis on the biological model of socialisation. The second view emphasises the social and cultural forces, impinging on the individual from the moment of his or her birth. The individual confronts a pre defined social world, which is imposed on him or her. The implication here is that the individual is forced to comply with this world, where he or she is essentially passive. Society moulds the individual in whatever way seems appropriate to strengthen the predefined world. Socialisation is seen as an instrument of social control, a process I licit ensures the passivity of the individual.
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