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Title: Organisational Effectiveness for Resource Mobilization:An Assessment of a Rural Development Project sponsored by an Industry
Authors: Panwalkar, V G
Keywords: Desai, K.G.
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: The Study: The study attempts to assess the efforts of a rural development agency, sponsored by the Industry, from the perspectives of its employees and the community. The term "Community Participation means a process by which groups of community residents affect planning, implementation, management, utilization or maintenance of a service facility or activity" (Shubert 1986:3). "Resource mobilization, refers to the process of arranging for and inducing a broad range of possible contributions by the community residents, such as labour, land-use, materials,. funds, knowledge, skills including organizational and managerial skills, etc. Such resources are available within any communities to a greater or lesser extent" (Shubert 1986). One of the tasks of the present study will be to study the organization 'efforts in the context of two analytical frameworks: namely the one given by Dr. S. Zalba & H. Stain and the other developed by Dr. D. Thomas and examine factors specific to the client community or organizational situation, which have a direct bearing on this relationship and hence, on the ultimate organizational effectiveness. Objectives: The major objectives of the study are : 1) To examine the organizational effectiveness of a Rural Development project, as perceived by the organizational functionaries. 2) To study the perceptions and opinions of the village communities regarding the organizational efforts and manpower deployment. 3) To study the nature and levels of community participation in the programmes of development. 4) To assess the levels and nature of community participation in the organization's development programmes an its implications for levels of satisfaction.
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