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Title: Study of the Determinants of Social Services Expenditure in Maharashtra
Authors: Jayanthy, K V
Keywords: Brahm Prakash
School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1982
Publisher: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: Social Services like education, health, social security, housing etc. that are provided by the Governments, has been explained both theoretically and empirically. Studies on specific Social Services claim that they are redistributive in nature. Others maintain that expenditures on such services is a type of investment. The purely theoretical explanation to its supply is that it is a good which is of a mixed nature i.e., neither purely 'private' nor purely 'public'. Over the years greater and greater importance is being accorded to Social Services provision. The main objective of the study is to probe into the factors that determine the Social Services expenditure incurred by the State Government of Maharashtra. The period(under consideration is 1960-61 to 1976-77. The study covers. Total expenditures (consisting of plan and non-plan), NonPlan expenditures, Both nominal and real terms and per capita versions have been studied. Theractors that are expected to determine the various types of expenditures are State Income (and per capita Income), State population and proportion of urban to Total population. Thus some simple hypotheses have been tested for Maharashtra. The data have been collected mainly from secondary sources. The technique of Regression has been used for analysing the data. The present study mostly confirms with the earlier studies regarding two variables i. e., Income and population. These two variables have been important in determining the Government's expenditure on Social Services. However, the introduction of the third variable viz., proportion of urban to total population seems to have created complications which may be due to multi-collinearity.
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