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Title: Study of Crime Patterns in Mumbai and Montreal Aetiology and Response to Crime
Authors: Mitra, Jayanta
Keywords: Gita Shah
School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: The social and economic imbalances, and other related deprivations as well ^as inadequacies in the development process give rise to a social pathology which is a global concern. Such changes in the wake of industrialisation and urbanisation often lead to non-conformity or deviance as individuals try to grapple with such disruptions in life. This provokes the researcher to explore factors that are associated with system generating deviance, their inter relationships and enhances the quest for a comprehensive paradigm that could provide solutions to such social concern. The methodological approach provides an elaborate sketch of the research design for exploring the similarities and the differences between the two major cities viz. Mumbai in India and Montreal in Canada in order to meet the following objectives. Objectives of the study i. To study the nature and extent of crime in Montreal and Mumbai; ii. To compare crime patterns in city of Montreal and Mumbai; iii. To understand factors that generate crime in the two major cities; iv. To review the patterns of crnne prevention efforts and v. To suggest measures for crime prevention efforts.
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