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Title: Job satisfaction of managers in public and private sector organizations
Authors: Nayana, Mendhi
Keywords: Desai, K.G.
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Abstract: This study Is an attempt to examine the need satisfactions and Job attitudes of managers working with the public and private sector organizations in India. It originates from a live issue in the Indian economy of public vs. private sector regarding their working system, compensation and productivity. The organizations under the two sectors, public and private are often compared for their performance, the motivation, attitudes and compensation of managers working with them and the public sector organizations are often rated in negative. Hence the present study attempts to reach to the spontaneous and genuine responses from the managers themselves about the issue. However, turnover or performance is not the target of this research. The aim here is to compare the two groups of managers representing • the two organizations in public and private sector for (1) Their need satisfactions (2) Their attitude towards some important Job factors (3) Their views about the two sectors in the Indian economy. The study is based on the works by Maslow A.H. , Haire, Ghiselli and Porter. Hoppock and Laxmi Narain. It has divided into seven chapters, the first two furnishing the background and rationale and methodology for the study.The third chapter deals with the comparison of the personal-occupational factors of the respondents from two organizations.In the fourth and fifth chapters the need satisfactions in different need areas and job attitudes the two groups of managers are discussed,respectively.The sixth chapter enlightens the views about these two groups of managers towards the working and philosophy of the public and private sectors in India.In the seventh chapter a summary of findings,conclusions and few suggestions are copiled.The study comes out with following salient observations, which are more or less in tune with the hypotheses.
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