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Title: The knowledge about disabilty among hr professionals
Authors: Krishna, Rithika
Keywords: Zubin Mulla
School of Development Studies
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Employment is a very important aspect for the development of any person. The article 21 of the Constitution of India states that every citizen of this country has the right to life and personal liberty. This means that every person has the freedom to choose what he/she wants is life. A person with disability (PWDs) is also a citizen of this country and hence has the right to choose any kind of employment for him or her. Most of the PWDs are employed in the unorganised sector. Numerous research indicate that PWDs have very less scope of securing a job in the private sector and those who are already employed in it face a lot of discrimination. The reasons for such a situation include lack of awareness about disability, social stigma, stereotyping, etc. However there are very few research studies that try to gauge the status of PWDs in India. The research ‘The Knowledge of Disabilitly among HR Professionals’ further tries to understand this in the Indian context. It is an attempt to study the awareness, the Human Resource professionals have about the understanding of disability, the laws and ethics which govern disability. It also tries to find out the status of Persons with Disabilities in the private sector in terms of their scope of employment in the private sector.For this purpose the researcher used a mixed research design. A quantitative study was undertaken with the final year HR students from colleges in Mumbai, and for this purpose a questionnaire was used. In order to understand the actual scenario i n the private companies the researcher used the qualitative method and interviewed people working as HR persons in various establishments in Mumbai.
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