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Title: Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Companies: An Exploratory Study
Authors: Somvanshi, Kiran Abhijit
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Bino Paul
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: While many business families have traditionally practised philanthropy, charity and donationbased assistance, the concept of CSR is still relatively new among Indian companies. In the last decade, the concepts of sustainability, business responsibility, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development have emerged and found calling in the boardrooms and external reporting of many companies. Several factors led to the emergence of these concepts. The evolution and currency of new initiatives like the Triple Bottom line Principle, United Nation Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative led to the thought that the areas of social performance are the next major practice for the companies to adopt. Companies keen on following the best business practices have adopted them. The feeling that the government was also going to formulate policies on the concepts in the near future also prompted companies to adopt the new initiatives as a proactive measure. As a result adopting CSR has come to be expected from the leading companies in every sector to set precedence for their respective industries. The contemporary literature in India does not have an exhaustive explanation of the various dimensions of this concept and its practice in India. This led to the emergence of the idea, research design and methodology of the current study. This exploratory study seeks to investigate the features of various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives undertaken in India by the largest companies in the recent years. The case is based on the observation that CSR as a strategic initiative is undertaken by companies either due to regulatory or business reasons. The study also tries to find out credence in the popular opinion of CSR that CSR is a marketing gimmick, publicity stunt or to create eyewash of good citizenship or to seek social license to operate in a community. The study undertaken on 20 leading large listed companies of India has attempted to find among other things why companies undertake CSR, how they approach CSR, what do they do as CSR, how much do they spend towards their CSR initiatives and how do they report their CSR work. It involves examining the various CSR models implemented by these companies given their respective contexts. The observations and findings of the study have been used to arrive at recommendations for the companies intending to set up a CSR structure in their organizations or improve upon their existing structure.
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