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Title: Education for the persons with physical disability in Afghanistan: A Case Study of different Stakeholders
Authors: Mohammadi, Jamaluddin
Keywords: Centre for Human Ecology
Amrita Joshi
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Education for all of us is the key to progress and change. Education is very crucial in the life of people with physical disability for enhancing their mental ability and creating their independent, dignified identity. The current study focused on understanding the function of different stakeholders who were involved in education service of persons with disability and the nature of work of counsellors that they did for them and their family in different organisation. Data was collected from 15 students with physical disability (age group between 14 years to 22 years) (10 boys, 5 girls), five parents, five counsellors and five experts who were involved in facilitating education to students with physical disability residing in Kabul Afghanistan. Responses of the experts revealed that the common problems why people with disability do not seek support is lack of awareness about disability, physical and social barriers, lack of advanced medical service, and lack of professionals in the field of disability. as a result of that, the students with physical disability are affected psychologically, socially and economically. The study also revealed that parents placed high emphasis on education. Parents were seeking to have independent life for their disable child and employment was the major concern for them for their child. Research observed that without adequate counselling the persons with disability were unable to complete the process of their education and later complete their higher education. Therefore, the study will play a very crucial role in the field of counselling and government policy for education for students with physical disability.
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