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Title: Strategies Of Small Scale Firms: A Case Study Of Udupi, Karnataka
Authors: Murthy, Venkatesha
Keywords: School of Social Sciences
Bino Paul
Issue Date: 2009
Series/Report no.: 068
Abstract: The present study explores strategies followed by small scale firms in the context ontext of Indian small scale industries. The study emphasises on various strategic options available for small scale entrepreneur under various circumstances. Through literature literature, some of the key themes were identified for the exploration of strategies in small mall scale firms: a. Access to information, b. Integration of divers diverse operations of the firm, c. Organizational changes, d. Risk at small scale firm level, e. Innovations, f. Competitive status, and g. Flexibility of the firm. The unit of analysis for the study is firm. We carried out a primary research in three industrial areas of Udupi district, Karnataka. In In-depth interview method with a semi semi-structured questionnaire was followed in the study. Data was analysed through case study methodology. Further, urther, the he data was fit under broader themes. The study mainly covers perceptions of entrepreneurs on the above themes. These perceptions were of their strategy making and decision making at various levels of business. A major finding of this study is that small scale cale firms behave strategically with the limited information, expertise and knowledge about market and economic conditions around.
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