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dc.contributor.authorChaudhary, Manoj Kumar-
dc.description.abstractThe exposition of an organization’s corporate image to the current and prospective employees alongside the current stakeholders is essential to maintaining a distinct advantage over its competitors. Employer branding, the term first coined by Simon Barrow, has emerged out to be the main weapon in an organization’s armory to win the war for the talent by attracting the best of the talent ; which has been established as a critical requirement for an organization’s success in today’s competitive world. The intention of this research is to delve into the concept of employer branding and study its sustainability through the lens of the Best Employer Surveys, which ranks a gamut of diverse organizations under its aegis. The continual increase in participation of organization in these surveys facilitate in creating a stronger proposition for the employers. This paper attempts to study whether rankings in such surveys correspond to better perception of the employer brand in the market which would subsequently, attract better talent pool in the organization. This study has been conducted by employing a framework of employer attractiveness, organizational familiarity and intention to apply for all the organizations under study.Research concludes that appearance of organizations in such surveys lead to higher intention to apply among the existing talent pool in the market. At the same time, firms appeared in recent surveys have higher intention to apply as compared to firms which appeared in the past and then disappeared from these surveys Thus, a consistent effort in the branding of the organization will become indispensable in order to gain the upper hand as the world goes more competitive.-
dc.subjectSchool of Management and Labour Studiesen_US
dc.subjectGordhan Sainien_US
dc.titleDoes the Magic of Best Employer Surveys on Employer Branding Fades Away with Timeen_US
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