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Title: Influence of gender on employer-employee working relationships and employee performance
Authors: Das, Jayita
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Sarala Rao
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: The study examines the interaction effect of gender of both subordinates and supervisors on subordinates’ perception of differentiation of boss–subordinate relationship in an Indian setting. Data was collected from a total of 80 supervisor–subordinate relationships in four -sex combinations obtained through a survey of employees in banking, insurance and IT services sector. Results revealed that subordinates in opposite-sex relationships perceived better quality of exchange than those in same -sex relationships. One of the strongest quality of exchange was perceived in female supervisor–female subordinate relationship, while the weakest was perceived in male supervisor–female subordinate dyad. This emphasizes the importance of gender in the differentiation of boss–subordinate relationships in an Indian setting.
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