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Title: Interactive effect of perception of Organizational Justice and Personality on Workplace Deviance
Authors: Chawla, Avi
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Sasmita Palo
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: In the backdrop of the recent surge in deviant acts by employees in India, there has been an increased managerial interest in this area. Workplace deviance poses to be a pervasive and pricey problem for organizations and individuals as well; efforts are needed to tackle it and avert the negative implications. What is deviance? What goads employees to commit deviant acts? What can we, as HR do? The study attempts at answering some of these questions by taking the interactionist view on deviance by studying the relation between individual correlate of personality, and situational correlate of organizational justice with workplace deviance. A mixed methodology has been followed in the form of a 4-phase approach. 3 hospitals were selected in Phase 1, qualitative interviews to gauge the context for the study were carried out in Phase 2 and a pilot study was conducted in Phase 3. After incorporating inputs from the previous stages, the survey was administered at a large level in Phase 4 on a convenience sample of 136 nursing staff. The findings from the study show partial evidence for some hypothesis. Exploratory factor analysis results induced the examination of workplace deviance from 6 factors , namely, Personal aggression_serious, Personal aggression_very_serious, Production deviance, Political deviance, Property deviance and Withdrawal. Results from bivariate correlations, univariate, multivariate regression and Structural Equation Modelling suggest hat the personality factors of conscientiousness, agreeableness and neuroticism and justice construct interactional justice are most relevant predictors of workplace deviance in the context of nurses. In addition, conscientiousness is the only personality factor to moderate the relationship between the significant justice construct of interactional justice and workplace deviance, which itself after SEM is predominated by production deviance factors, and a single personal aggression_serious factor.
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