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Title: Interaction Between Cities And Rivers: A Study Of The Yamuna River In Delhi
Authors: Sen, Rommani
Keywords: School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2009
Series/Report no.: 031
Abstract: Cities and rivers have almost always shared a symbiotic relationship. Cities such as London (Thames), Kolkata (Hooghly), Varanasi (Ganga), among others have had a distinct identity by virtue of the rivers flowing by. The Yamuna River, despite being the lifeline of the capital city of Delhi, has never had any such association with the city’s identity. Today, the Yamuna in Delhi is facing a threat of extinction due to excessively high levels of pollution coupled with unauthorized constructions on its riverbed. This research study examines the patterns of use of the Yamuna over the years to understand the factors that led to the current state of the river. Further, it analyses present day attempts at riverfront development of the Yamuna within the larger context of land scarcity in cities and the implications of such ‘development’ for people’s access to the river and its ecology.
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