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Title: Exploring Pattern, Causes & Consequences of Migration of Adolescent Girls: A Study on Rural Parents of Urban Domestic Helpers
Authors: Sahu, Shalini
Keywords: Centre for Human Ecology
Budhadeep Gondane
School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Migration is the universal phenomenon and the whole globe has been affected economically and socially with the emigration and immigration. Intercontinental, international and interregional migration has been studying under the lens of economy fo r very long. For the past few decades people started thinking about psychological, physical and emotional wellbeing along with economical gains. This new vision inspired researchers to study hidden side of migration and after that significant number of stu dies done on psychological and physical effect of migration on emigrants as well as people left behind them. This current study was done on the rural, illiterate parents in the small village of Chhattisgarh. In this study only emigrant adolescent girls’ p arents who were trafficked as domestic helpers in the metropolitan cities were studied as adolescent girls’ trafficking was one of the burning issue and censoriously highlighted by Government, media and NGOs. In this study, parents’ stance on their daughte rs’ migration was tried to look at in all possible aspects as their role in the migration process, effect on their physical and mental health, their behavioral changes, economical expectation and gain and their vision about girls’ migration. Under this stu dy two girls were also studied to have the better understanding of the whole process and their own experience in all possible aspects which were considered for the parents also. Major. After going through each case, major these major themes emerged in this study: 1. Circumstances of migration, 2. Effect of migration. 3. Coping with forced migration 4. Major concerns. 5. Overall view of migration trend. Major finding of this research was that poor illiterate parents were too poor and too nescient to treat their daughter as main presidency. Mostly parents were emotionally attached with their daughters and concerned about their food and health in the unknow n city but they did not mention significant concern for their safety as they seemed ignorant of girls’ sex trafficking in the city. Life threatening economic crisis came out as the main cause of this trafficking, but contrary most of the parents did not ge t benefits significantly.
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