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Title: Attitude of Emerging Adults towards Counselling
Authors: Kumari, Madhuri
Keywords: Centre for Human Ecology
Deepak Mathew
Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: The current study aimed to explore the beliefs, opinions, attitude and understanding of emerging adults towards counselling. The study was conducted on 18 years-22 years year of undergraduate student who were studying in the colleges of Mumbai. The Attitude towards Seeking Professional Psychological Help (ATSPPH) - scale and a self – designed questionnaire were used for collection of data. Survey method was used in this study to explore the relationship between personal attitude, personal and social stigma, influence of society and barriers of professional help on seeking professional help by the emerging adults in Mumbai. A combination of inferential (t-test and correlation) and descriptive analysis (Percentages) was used to analyze the aspects of ATSPPH-Scale and the self –designed questionnaire, whereas content analysis was used to analyse the qualitative part of self –designed questionnaire. The finding of the study indicated that emerging adults have some awareness about counselling services. They participants seem to be not well aware of the services available in their vicinity. Their ideas about the role of counsellor or of the counselling process were limited to emotional or career related issues and that the services are to be used after all help-seeking options are exhausted. Informal help seeking was seen as a preferred option among many, which can act as both a facilitating factor (provide support and encourage to seek professional help) as well as a barrier to help-seeking (professional help may not be sought even in severe cases). The findings of this study can be used to create more awareness in the youth in Mumbai. College counselling centres need to be propagated which will enhance the understanding about the services available. College faculty members can be made more aware of the roles played by the college counsellors so that they can make the appropriate student referrals.
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