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Title: Publication Productivity of Tata Institute of Social Sciences: A Scientometric Study
Authors: Angadi, Mallikarjun
Koganuramath, M.M.
Kademani, B.S.
Kumbar, B.D.
Keywords: Scientometrics
Institutional studies
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: SRELS Journal of Information Management
Citation: Vol. 43, No. 4, December 2006, Paper AH. p363-374.
Abstract: This study attempts to analyse quantitatively 358 publications published by the socialscientists of Tata Institute of Social Sciences during 2001-2004 in various Departments and Research Units for authorship pattern and collaboration trend. The results indicate hat 90.22 % of papers were single authored followed by two authored papers - 5.86 % and three authored papers - 3.35 %. Most prolific authors were Shalini Bharat (21), M.M. Koganuramath (18), Mallikarjun Angadi, (13), R. N. Sharma (13), Chhaya Datar (12), Siva Raju, (12), and Sarthi Acharya, (10). The most preferred journals by the social scientists were: Economic and Political Weekly, Indian Journal of Social Work. and Indian Journal of Labour Economics, with four papers each. Publication Density observed in the present study was 1.46. KEYWORDS/DESCRIPTORS: Scientometrics, Bibliometrics, nstitutional studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Publication productivity, Authorship ttern, Collaboration coefficient, Author productivity, Channels of communication, Bradford distribution, Social sciences
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