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Title: Lived experiences of children of commercial sex workers
Authors: Jadhav, Ashwini Shamrao
Keywords: Sandhya Limaye
School of Social Sciences
Social Life
Commercial Sex Workers
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: This research carries the experience of children in concern area like social life, family relationship and academic performance. It especially focuses on the way they deal in these areas and the difficulties they come across. The Methodology used for this study was qualitative research. The area of study was located in Mumbai. The Data was collected through an NGO who works for women sex worker. The researcher approached many NGO’s .But only one NGO agreed to provide samples. Those who agreed were taken as a sample for study and consent was taken from mothers and children and interview was conducted. These were analyzed based on the subject matters that emerged from the objectives used, the descriptive method from the main themes that emerged in the area were focus on Social life, family relationship and Academic performances the difficulties faced by the children and how children cope up with the situation. Counseling intervention were based on the research of the study. Based on the sample of study the finding were, in social life Children mostly went for outings through school picnic. They celebrate festivals Muslim celebrated Eid and Hindus celebrated Diwali rakhi and many more. Children have very few close friends. Children were not so close to their relatives, Elder girls go to school and help to work in house hold chores and elder boy took responsibility of house go to work and small boys play outside and help their mother to get things from shops. Mother work outside and work at home. Children are detached with the neighbors and unhappy about the surrounding. Children have limited social life and social executions. In consistency to family relationship children have not disclosed mother’s profession. Children were very dependent on their mother. Mothers were keen to educate their children but only the barer was the poor condition of the house. Children academic performance out of samples few were dropout and many of them go to school. Children difficulties were discuss and how they cope up with it. Most of the children were found aggressive .Some of them had difficulties to express anger and also love. It was found that mothers were most important factor and father’s role was absent. And it was also found that the conflict situation in marital relationship among parents for which children were disturb. In the child’s social environment parents play an important role in children’s life, but because of the employment, parental behavior and attitudes cause excessive pain, deprivation and frustration to the child, through the non- satisfaction of the child's fundamental needs of secure and comfortable attachment, also because of excessive requirements or demands imposed on the child, or through lack or neglect of response, the child tends to exhibit behavioral deviations resulting into attacking types of behavior or responses of withdrawal into himself or herself ,such behavior were found . The disorders which were encountered in the study were - temper outbursts, aggressiveness, bullying, fighting, destructiveness, disobedience and vi defiance to authority, and various other forms of delinquency. The implication for counseling practice has been suggested in the end of chapter.
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