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Title: Employment in Retail Sector: A Comparison of Organised and Unorganised Sector in Mumbai
Authors: Borkar, Aman J.
Keywords: Bino Paul
School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: The present study explores and tries to understand the employment in organised and unorganised retail sector. Retail sector has gained the status of being the sunrise sectors of Indian economy in terms of employment generation and business opportunity. On the other hand, retailing is also seen as a primary form of disguised unemployment/ underemployment in the country. This study tries to analyse and understand the employment in retail sector in the backdrop of complex sectoral dual phenomena; the basic features of retail employment and the effects of various variables like work environment, employer-employee relationship, training and development, rewards and benefits, social security benefits and implementation of labour welfare practices by the enterprise. Since, these are interrelated factors and have a strong relationship with the overall satisfaction of workers engaged/ employed in organised and unorganised retail sector. It also tries to understand the complexities, issues and challenges of employment in organised and unorganised retail enterprises. Major findings of the study highlights that both organised and unorganised retail sector developing at their own pace with multiple and varied strategies to sustain in business and retaining the workers in the enterprise. Findings also exhibit that workers of both sectors are more or less satisfied with the work environment and employer-employee relationship; but most of the unorganised workers are very dissatisfied with training and development that takes place in the enterprise as well as rewards and benefits available to them. Whereas the organised workers are dissatisfied only with the rewards and benefits system of an enterprise; however they avail themselves of all types of social security benefits.
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