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Title: Women and Livelihood among Kattunayakans in Wayanad, Kerala : An Ethnographic Exploration
Authors: Rahiman, Ansiya
Keywords: School of Development Studies
Ritambhara Hebbar
Kattunayakans - History and Socio-Economic Profile
Kattunayakans - Food Wage
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: III ABSTRACT Hunter-gatherers have been a contested area in anthropology. Ethnographic studies on the hunter-gatherers around the world had shattered the Western Colonial anthropological lens at various instances. Falling into Dravidian language group of foragers, Kattunayakans of Kerala had not been studied with serious anthropological objectives and research questions. The life of women in a forager community was hardly narrated and discussed, it is at this point that the study gathers its relevance. Documenting life and living of Kattunayakan women, and critically reviewing the existing anthropological debates with regard to social organization and economic organization of the community was one of the primary objective of the study. Hunter-gatherer social organization was more or less influenced by their diverse livelihood and this in turn helps in forming the basis for economic organization. It is this interdependence and indigenous model of ‘sharing’ while integrating with the globalized world that had been discussed in detail pitching it to the ethos of Kattunayakans. It is the nuances and complexities associated diversification of livelihood and its repercussions on social and economic organization had been the primary purpose of the study. Key Words : Kattunayakan, Diversification of livelihood, Social organization and Economic organization.
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