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Title: Vulnerability And Adaptation to Drought : A study among Dalit women in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu
Authors: Vishnupriya B.
Keywords: School Of Social Work
Sunil D. Santha
Dalit Women - Drought - Adaptation Strategies
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: This research examines the vulnerability of Dalit women to drought in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. It further explores the adaptation strategies of these women to maintain their day-to-day livelihoods. The key assumption that guided this research was that extreme hazard events such as droughts affects the poor and marginalised sections of the population the most. The Dalit women are one such most vulnerable groups who are marginalised historically and socially in both gendered, caste and class terms. This study was conducted on Pollach Taluk of Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. I purposefully selected the north block of Pollachi for this study, as it is most affected because of drought. In this area, Dalits are mostly landless agricultural labourers and their livelihood is solely dependent on the coconut trees and its products out of it. My findings show that the drought had created severe impacts on the livelihoods of Dalit's. Moreover, whenever an extreme environmental change associated with drought happens, its repercussions are largely felt in the social and political spheres as well, and the bearers of these additional levels of uncertainties are primarily Dalit women. This study is qualitative in nature and in-depth interviews were used to collect data. Key words: Drought, Dalit women, Vulnerability, Adaptation, Livelihoods.
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